By carrying your phone and broadcasting your position for the entirety of the event, your spectators get to experience a new level of interaction.

Step 1.   Register

Input your plate number, choose your distance, and select your category. After you've completed your registration, remember to add your profile photo in the settings, accessed from the menu.(If you don't have your plate number at sign up, add it in the settings before the start of the event) **6 characters on your password minimum please!

Step 2.   Start!

Navigate to Live Tracking to start your ride. Press the START button within 15 minutes of the start of the event, and you'll see your bubble pop up on the map within a few seconds. After that, pack your phone away. Coordinates uses advanced GPS location services to automatically trigger the timer as you cross the start/finish line so you can focus on the ride.

Step 3.   Ride

Ride your heart out knowing that your family, friends, and community can follow you and everyone else through out the event. Knowing where you are will allow them to better coordinate cheering you on and when to expect you across the finish line.

Step 4.   Finish!

Congratulations! You've just finished and are stoked to be done. An automatic GPS geo-fence has already triggered to stop your timer, but you will need to manually hit the FINISH button to end your location sharing.Remember to share your experience on the ride and using Coordinates!#coordinates #latitudelabs

Swap to Spectator

If you would like to view the other distances that you are not participating in, head to the settings from the side menu and toggle your user type over to Spectator. Remember to swap back to Participant before beginning your event.

Handy Guide

Save this handy guide for quick reference.


With the Coordinates App, you can see where your friends and family are during an event. Their Real-time GPS location will be in your hand so you know where to be when to cheer them on.

Step 1.   Find your Riders

Begin by searching for your friends and family from Track Riders via the search button at the top. Follow those who you know and maybe even a few that you don't. You can choose who is visible from the Riders tab on the Live Tracking Map.

Step 2.   Watch and Cheer!

The Live Tracking Map is where all the action happens. Watch your riders progress through the event and know where you need to be to cheer them on. Toggle between different event distances at the top of the map to select which riders are shown. As the event progresses, head over to the leaderboard to see who is near your riders and give them a follow to watch the action live. *It is recommended to not show too many riders on the Map at one time. 15 is a good number to have visible at one time. Remember to share your experience for the event using Coordinates!#coordinates #latitudelabs